Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Only Daughters Club

Isabeau Rose joins the Only Daughters Club! Welcome Beeeutiful Beau!

Ashley Rose sill glows when she's preggers! She feels it's a Boy who will be named Fenix.

Mama Fiamma's Mama and Isabeau Rose too!

An ONLY daughter of an ONLY daugther, of an ONLY daughter, of an ONLY daughter! Whew!
What a lovely Mother's Day lunch we had at Market St. Broiler. Isabeau's says her favorite food is Chockeck (chocolate!)... Yeah!!!! SHE's in the club!!! teehee

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas/New Years 2009 Family Vacation in Newport

Dabe and Drew BROS take a dip

Adam and CharLee PONG it. They are BUDDIES!

PopEye throws up a big one just like when he was back at Old East High! BONzeye!!!

Boys Played like Boys Do
Basketball and Tennis

The King of Health with Arica

CharLee Bear swims so GOOD!!!

The girls do pooltime
Kitten, Princess, and BabyBeau
Matthew and Beau-ti-ful!

Arica has KOOL new, digital, underwater camera

Glen and Lori Stone invited us to join them at the Crystal Cathedral production of The Glory of Christmas. It was incredible! Real live (tethered) flying angels and real animals in the nativity scenes. Beautiful costuming and Broadway talent galore! Everyone loved it!

Andrew and Arica with some of the actors from The Glory of Christmas.

Costumes were WOW!!!

Adam with one of the three kings and his two assistants...beeeeutiful blues!!!

Adam and Alex with a Shepherd. This guy had a BOOM BOOM beautiful voice

Another of the three Kings with Sir Adam

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Summer Vacation July 2008

We had a GREAT SUMMER VACATION with our kids this July. Spent a week together here at the Rancho Del Sol. Took a little side trip up to Universal Studios (CharLee Bear's first time there!) and spent a little time at the hotel pool. So FUN to be together!!!

Thanks KIDS! WE LOVE YOU ALL so much!!!!

Uncle Andrew and CharLee build CHicha NeetZA!

Ashley with the BEAR and baby BEAU

Essa with Bear and baby Beau at the beach

Popeye and babes build in the sand

Andrew and Arica show us their surfing skills

Rob, Arica, and Ashley (Arica's sister)

Ashley Rose and Isabeau Rose

Popeye and Baby Beau

Adam and Andrew show us their LAMA FACE on the drive up to Universal Studios


Adam shows us his version of a DIRTY SANCHEZ
(if you REALLY wanna know what that is, ask Andrew and Arica;)

Have a NICE DAY "happyface" by Robust the SKILLBILLY

Looks like Andrew LOVES the LOVE!!! (married life agrees with them!)

Adam and Alex catch some rays

Drew with one of his many faces

the NeWly WEds take a dip

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Essa and Beautiful Baby Beau at the beach during our Young Family vacation July 21-27, 2008.

Sooooo FUN!!!